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Easter is close and many people are aware of it’s significance. However, also associated is chocolate. Those training or considering training for health and fitness may prepare to be inundated with this treat, if not already. Chocolate has many positive benefits. Nevertheless, if you are trying to lose weight it can be your enemy.

As stated, chocolate is a treat and not an every day event. Research suggests that dark chocolate may have health benefits. We’ll all expect an Easter egg or 2 or 3… other goodies with chocolate associated. May be we need some preparation in thought about what to do so that this lovely chocolate can be beneficial instead of detrimental in the aftermath. Consider the following:

1.Have your treat at Easter in very small dose.

2.The remaining chocolate could be packaged into small bite sized pieces and frozen in separate portions.

3.Melt it down to use over a special cake to take to a friend’s house for a coffee morning and invite a couple of extra friends to spread the treat around.

4.If you have young children, young relatives or similar, run a post-Easter egg hunt. They’ll love the idea.

These are just a few suggestions. I’m sure you are more creative and can see the merit in minimizing your chocolate intake over Easter. Stay fit and healthy at this special time of year.