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Zestify To The Max


Fitness, Food with grocery shop preparation.


Choose the way you want to get fit: walking, weights, swimming, running, or a combination. We’ll tailor a 6-week fitness program according to your needs and goals and keep you on track. This package also includes an extra home visit and a pantry/fridge check. We also take you on a food shopping and supermarket visit where we will demystify labels and show you the best choices to make with your groceries. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll know what foods to buy and which to avoid for your new healthy lifestyle. In-person visits in Weeks 1, 4 and 6, and the extra shopping hour.


What do you get out of it?

  • ŸPassive and Active Assessments visit by a trainer before you begin your individualised program. Includes food intake assessment.
  • ŸWeek 1
    • Instructions and customised program provided.
    • We help you plan your pantry and remove items from your fridge in accordance with your dietary needs (1 hr).
  • We’ll set a date with you to go grocery shopping with a trainer to help you choose the right foods for your dietary needs, and demystify labels ( 1 hr).
  • Recommend food intake using Dietary Guidelines – personalised.
  • You can also phone, Skype or email us anytime.
  • Phone contact weekly with your trainer to support and encourage you along your health and fitness journey.
  • Week 4 – a trainer assesses you again to see how you’re going with your program. We also update your fitness program and re-assess your food diary to make sure you don’t plateau.
  • ŸWeek 6 – a trainer assesses you again at the end of the program.
  • Cost: AU$340.00 ($56.60/week).

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